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Rho's Summer Blood Drive

Posted by Brook White on Fri, Jun 22, 2012 @ 09:03 AM


 blood drive at RhoOn June 19, 2012 we sponsored our third successful blood drive in the last 8 months! The inaugural blood drive in October 2011 was so well received that we expanded the length of the drive from four to five hours. Additionally, with help from Amy Burton from Cassidy Turley, our property manager, we invited employees from other companies in Quadrangle Park to participate.

As a result, registration increased in both the February and June events. In fact, we had over 50 registrants for our most recent blood drive. Staff have commented on the convenience and efficiency offered by Rex Blood Services: online scheduling, registration in Rho’s first floor conference room, and donation in the mobile bus in Rho’s parking lot.

Thanks to all who donated during the blood drives—another confirmation that Rho’s employees help those less fortunate. Given their generous spirit, we anticipate scheduling future blood drives every fall, spring and early summer.