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505(b)(2) vs ANDA:  How Complex Drugs Fit In

Four Considerations for Every Rare Disease Development Program: Summary of CBI’s Rare Disease Clinical Development and Access Summit

Current Gene Therapy Landscape:  Overview, Challenges, and Benefits

Update from the top: FDA’s Office of New Drugs ongoing reorganization process

Is a Target Product Profile Worth the Effort?

Orphan Drugs and Single Trials

North American Cystic Fibrosis Conference: Key Takeaways

Patient-Focused Drug Development: Incorporating the Patient’s and Caregivers’ Perspectives into Product Development

FDA’s Project Orbis:  Trendsetter or One-off

Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategies:  FDA Guidances for Assessing Effectiveness

Master Protocols and the New FDA Guidance

Patient Reported Outcomes and the Common Terminology Criteria for Adverse Events (CTCAE)

Accentuate the. . . Negative: The Importance of Publishing Negative Clinical Study Results

Collaboration versus Concentration: The Office

Rho Participates in Innovative Graduate Student Workshop for the 8th Consecutive Time

Culture Fit Interviews: What Are They and Why Do We Do Them?

Age Diversity in Clinical Trials: Addressing the Unmet Need

Site Investigator vs. Sponsor SAE Causality: Are they different?

What We Learned at PhUSE US Connect

Cellular Therapy Studies: 7 Common Challenges

“This drug might be harmful!  Why was it approved?”  What the news reports fail to tell us.

The Future, Today: Artificial Intelligence Applications for Clinical Research

Challenges in Clinical Data Management: Findings from the Tufts CSDD Impact Report

Revised Draft Guidance:  Formal Meetings with the FDA for Drug Products

What Makes a SuperheRho: More Than a Coworker in a Cape

Highlights from TEDMED 2017

50 Must Have Travel Tips from Experienced CRAs

Breaking Bad (Meetings)

12 Resume Tips That Can Help You Get a Clinical Research Job

10-Step Commercial Clinical Protocol Authoring Guide

Could Your Drug Development Program Benefit from an NDA/BLA/PMA Gap Analysis?

How much does a clinical trial cost? Understanding the 8 major factors driving CRO bids

Heat Maps for Database Lock

Key Take-aways from the 2nd Annual Strategies in Patient Centered Clinical Research Conference

Mining Metadata for Clinical Research Activities

Beating the Odds: 5 Strategies to Improve Clinical Trial Enrollment

10 Interviewing Tips for Jobs in Clinical Research

Why Depression Studies So Often Fail:  Don’t Blame “Placebo Response”

Practical Strategies to Simplify Patient Centricity: Part 4—Practical and Easier than You Might Think

Practical Strategies to Simplify Patient Centricity: Part 3—Why Patient Centricity, Why Now?

Practical Strategies to Simplify Patient Centricity: Part 2—Patient Stories & the Importance of Communication

Practical Strategies to Simplify Patient Centricity: Part 1—Overview

Key Take-aways from ACRP 2017

Not Just Tiny Humans: Considerations for Conducting Pediatric Clinical Trials

FDA Guidance on Non-Inferiority Clinical Trials to Establish Effectiveness

Six Things to Consider When Selecting a CRO for your next Pain Trial

An Interactive Suite of Data Visualizations for Safety Monitoring

5 Tips for Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Clinical Trial Services

Using SAS to Create Novel Data Visualizations

How Stable Is Your CRO?  And Does It Matter?

OHRP Announces Revisions to the Common Rule

Webcharts: A Reusable Tool for Building Online Data Visualizations

Tips for Effective Enrollment Tracking

The Rise of Electronic Clinical Outcome Assessments (eCOAs) in the Age of Patient Centricity

Embracing Open Source as Good Science

Big Data: The New Bacon

Statisticians and Critical Variable Review Help Streamline Data Management and Clinical Operations Activities

Scientists Search for Answers as Antibiotics become Obsolete

Helping Physicians Provide Personalized Asthma Care – the CHAMPS Project

Rho Participates in Graduate Student Workshop

Top Trends in Drug Development from This Year’s DIA Annual Meeting

Craftsmanship in Clinical Trial Study Design

5 Ways Rho Keeps Employee Turnover Low

4 Reasons Low Employee Turnover Is Critical in CRO Selection

Working In Vulnerable Patient Populations: Research in the Cognitively Impaired

5 Tips for Conducting Feasibility for a New Clinical Trial

Clinical Research Statistics for Non-Statisticians Webinar: Q&A

Protocol Design and Development Webinar: Follow-up Q&A

Taking Asthma Research from Discovery to Delivery - the CHAMPS Project

Thoughts from Our CEO: Supporting Schools through Donors Choose

Rho Participates in Innovative Graduate Student Workshop for 5thYear

Q&A: Using ePRO with Smart Devices

Rho’s Book Club: The Happiness Advantage

4 Top Trends in Drug Development: DIA 2015 Recap

Data Visualization: Conference Roundup

Data Visualization: Find your Flow with Sankey Bar Charts

4 Regulatory Considerations for Using Social Media in Clinical Trial Patient Recruitment

5 Tips for Selecting ePRO Vendors

Pay Yourself First: An Employee Well-Being Initiative

3 Considerations When Implementing ePRO & Smart Devices in Clinical Trials

Late-Stage Biostatistics Submission Services

Are Your Data Submission Ready? 5 Questions You Should Be Asking

Rho’s Book Club: Brain Rules

Introducing the Adverse Events Explorer

Clinical Research Careers: Paving the Way Through Mentorship

Why NC Public Education Matters: A Business Perspective

A Hands-Free SAS Axis Macro

Addressing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Introducing Rho's Center for Applied Data Visualization

I Swarm, You Swarm, We All Swarm for Beeswarm (Plots)

Creating a Better Work Environment: Employee-Driven Building Renovations

Q&A: Clinical Trial Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria Webinar

Rho Goes to Summer School: Solving Problems and Improving Life

4 Benefits of a Non-Regional Clinical Monitoring Strategy

5 Reasons Your CRO is Putting Your Trial at Risk

5 Challenges in Site/CRO Relationships

Rho Turns 30

Objectives and Considerations in Developing an Integrated Summary of Efficacy (ISE)

3 Key Questions When Developing the Integrated Summary of Safety (ISS)

Celebrating Our 29th Year

Alzheimer’s Disease: Never Too Early

What's Happening at Rho

6 Tips for Conducting an Effective Kick-off Meeting

Why Rho has Lower Turnover Rates than Most Contract Research Organizations

Reflections on the CEO Sleep Out

Key Tips for Orphan Product Development

Thoughts from Rho’s CEO: Behaviors I Expect from Each Employee

Thoughts from Rho's CEO: Results, Relationships, and Impact

Thoughts from Rho's CEO: What Makes Us Who We Are

5 Lessons Learned Conducting ADHD Clinical Trials

On Coffee Machines and Clinical Research

Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award Regional Honor Acknowledges the Success of Our Company and Culture

Rho's Annual March of Dimes Activities

“What Non-statisticians Need to Know about Statistics in Clinical Trials” Follow Up

Conducting CNS Clinical Trials? Overview and Considerations of the New Tools from NIH for Assessment of Neurological and Behavioral Function

Choosing the Right System for your Clinical Trial: Understanding the Differences between EDC and IVR/IWR

FDA Issues Draft Guidance on Developing Drugs for Treatment of Early Stage Alzheimer’s Disease

4 Types of Dose Finding Studies Used in Phase II Clinical Trials

4 Types of Efficacy Outcomes to Consider in Phase II Clinical Trials

5 Ways Smart Animal and Manufacturing Work Can Mitigate Risks to Your Clinical Development Plan

Thoughts from Rho’s CEO: Fostering Innovation in a Clinical Research Organization

Thoughts from Rho’s CEO: Our Commitment to Outstanding Customer Service in Clinical Trials Services

5 Things You Should Know about Phase 1 Clinical Trials

CDASH: Reduce Development Costs by Extending CDISC Standards to Clinical Data Management

Adaptive Design Series: Some Not So New Adaptive Design Resources

Thoughts from Rho’s CEO: Exercise Makes You Healthier, Happier, and Smarter

Kudos for Rho’s Clinical Trial Management Teams

Adaptive Design Series: My Friend Frane

Which Type of Contract is Right for your Clinical Research Project?

3 Benefits of Combining Clinical Data Management and Biostatistical Services

Golf, Picnics, and Desserts...Oh My!

Four Tips for Successful Clinical Study Protocol Development

Rho Adopts CDASH Standard

Adaptive Design Series: Pruning Designs 101

Could your phase II or phase III clinical trial benefit from a Special Protocol Assessment (SPA)?

Adaptive Design Series: Futility-A Big Reason We Are Here

Adaptive Design Series: Why Pruning Designs Are My Favorite

4 Tips for Planning the RFP Process for Clinical Trial Services

What Everybody Ought to Know About Orphan Drug Status

Partnerships in Applied Research

5 Questions to Ask Before Converting Legacy Data to CDISC Standards

Adaptive Design Series: Why is doing dose escalation studies so hard?

Contract Research Organization Getting You Down? 9 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Rho's Summer Blood Drive

How to Use Your Target Product Profile to Create an Integrated Product Development Plan

Adaptive Design Series: A Lesson in the Interpretation of Results

10 Tips for Choosing a Contract Research Organization for CDISC Work

Proposed Changes to the Common Rule and Management of Clinical Trials

Rho Employees Help Habitat for Humanity Serve Our Local Community

5 Tips for Creating a Request for Proposal (RFP) for Clinical Trial Services

Ethics and Adaptive Design

Interested in Orphan Drug Status? You’re Not Alone

Proposed Legislation to Promote Accelerated Approval

The Pros and Cons of Converting to the CDISC SDTM Standard

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