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Clinical Research Resources

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Clinical Trials Resources

7 Tips to Use Social and Digital Media to Recruit and Engage with Clinical  Trial Patients

Download: Taking the Risk Out of Risk-Based Monitoring

Webinar: Selecting Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria for Your Next Trial

Download: 5 Tips for Conducting Feasibility for a New Clinical Trial

Download: Craftsmanship in Clinical Study Design

Download: 4 Types of Efficacy Outcomes to Consider in Phase 2

Download: Working in Vulnerable Patient Populations

Webinar: ePRO and Smart Devices

Download: Clinical Endpoints Article

TMF Reference Model Webinar

Download: Addressing Diversity in Clinical Trials

Download: 5 Things You Should Know about Phase 1 Clinical Trials

Download: 4 Types of Dose Finding Studies

When Placebo Response Isn't Placebo Response: The Perils of Human Raters

Regulatory Considerations for Using Social Media in Clinical Trial Patient  Recruitment

Regulatory Submissions Resources

Download: Marketing Application Planning Tool

Webinar: Tips for a Smooth NDA Submission

Webinar: Get Your Development Program Started on the Right Foot

Webinar: Expedited Development & Approval Regulatory Pathways

Download: The US Biosimilars Approval Pathway-- Policy Procedes Science

Protocol Design & Development: What You Need to Know to Ensure a Successful  Study

Download: Accelerated Approvals White Paper

Bridging the Gap Between Technical/Data Standards & Regulatory/Medical Writing  in NDA Submissions

Webinar: Worried About Your Next FDA Meeting?

Download: Special Protocol Assessment White Paper

View Key Tips to Orphan Product Development Presentation

Post-Lock Data Flow: From CRF to FDA

Webinar: Understanding the FDA Guidance on Data Standards

Webinar: Keys to Success for Your ISS/ISE

Clinical Outsourcing Resources

Download: RFP Specifications Tool

Webinar: Optimizing Sponsor/CRO Relationships

5 Tips for Creating an RFP

Download: 5 Challenges in Site CRO Relationships

Download: 5 Red Flags Your CRO is Putting Your Clinical Trial at Risk

Download: 4 Tips for Selecting a Functional Service Provider (FSP)

Download: Planning the RFP Process

Download: Which Type of Contract is Right for Your Next Clinical Trial?